Serving veterans and their families since 2008.

Free acupuncture for Veterans, Actively Serving Military Personnel of all branches, First Responders (active and retired) and their family members for stress and trauma support. 


Why Acupuncture?

One of the benefits of acupuncture is you don't need to talk, the needles do all of the work. They are placed in 5 specific points in the ears that create a deep sense of well being. They down regulate the Sympathetic Nervous System ("fight or flight") and up regulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System  which makes you feel calm and relaxed. 

Originally this 5 point protocol was used by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association to support substance abuse withdrawal at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx, NY. What they discovered was that this same 5 point protocol could be used for any type of stress or trauma with excellent results. 

Another benefit of acupuncture is there are no side effects. The needles are sterile, solid stainless steel and neither inject or withdraw anything. They regulate the chemicals in the brain that make you feel peaceful and relaxed. 

Results can vary from lasting for a few hours to a few days initially, but with repeated treatment, results last longer and longer.