Serving veterans and their families since 2008.

Free acupuncture for Veterans, Actively Serving Military Personnel of all branches, First Responders (active and retired) and their family members for stress and trauma support. 


Using acupuncture for Stress and Trauma support

Veterans Acupuncture Care Metrowest (VAC) started in 2008 with 4 acupuncturists who were commited to helping veterans and their families readjust to civilian life after combat or service.  Post-combat stress doesn't only affect the person who served, but also their family members and loved ones. Veterans Acupuncture Care Metrowest is dedicated to helping support the reintegration process through acupunture. In 2010 we opened our doors to First Responders as well, as they are our local soldiers and experience a similar type of stress.

VAC is one of Acupuncturists Without Borders' satellite clinics, as part of their Military Stress and Recovery Project. Our volunteer licensed acupuncturists have been trained in AWB's protocol and are here to give back to those who give so much to this country. By using 5 hair-fine needles in each ear, the acupuncture resets the nervous system, taking you out of "fight or flight" and giving you a deep sense of well being. Each treatment lasts 30-60 minutes and takes place in a room with other veterans, first responsders and family members. The treatments are safe, comfortable and effective. 

What is Post-Combat Stress?

According to, there can be many reactions to a combat experience that might be mental, emotional, physical or behavioral. Each person is different and these reactions can vary. What is most important is that you allow yourself to have these reactions based on your experience, rather than criticizing yourself for having them. 

Possible symptoms include:


Mood swings

Being quick to anger

Anxiety or feeling more fearful

Panic attacks with sweating, heart racing and difficulty breathing

Feelings of sadness or hopelessness

Nightmares and flashbacks

Increased pain, such as body aches

Difficulty sleeping, sleeping too much or too little

Changes in appetite, either increase or decrease

Menstrual changes for women

Difficulty focusing or concnetrating

Obsessive thoughts

Increased thinking about death/dying

Impulsivity, lack of judgement

Self criticism

Increased use of alcohol or other substances

Compulsivity like checking locks and doors

Confronting others, throwing or breaking things

Isolation from others

Decreased libido or interest in sex